Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ZOO time!

Easton is definitely a lover of all animals (yes, my child I know) so we decided it would be wise to invest in a zoo membership. A couple saturdays ago they sent me home from work because I wasn't needed, so I decided we needed to go have a fun family day outing! We then followed it up with lunch at our fav place..Rodizio Grill. Wonderful day with my favorite guys in the whole world!

I have the biggest pansy for a child. he's scared of the carousel even though I was standing there holding him the whole time!
pointing out the iguanas to me..

I love my boys!!


  1. you are such a saucey little mom jill! i miss you dearly!!!!! you were one of my favorite people at school. text me sometime and we'll get together. when's your little boy coming?

  2. That is so funny about the carosel, Cali loves them. We will have to go to the zoo again together. I have thought about getting a membership too.