Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

So, because I put the pictures on in the wrong order...this will be the reverse order of our Easter happenins....this is Easton after church. I tried to take some good pictures of Easton in his Easter Sunday outfit. The problem is my subject never smiles for the camera anymore. Apparently, as of a couple months ago he became too 'cool' to smile for the camera....

I think this is his 'Zoolander-like' model poseSunday morning he got his easter basket bright and early at 7 a.m. We usually have church at 11 but for Easter had stake conference bright and early at 9. He really enjoyed a paddle with the ball attached that was in his basket. He walked around for 10 minutes going 'wee, wee'..$1 well spent.
Easter basket...guess I shouldn't have been so cheap...anything that required batteries in that basket didn't half of his basket.
Easton and I at the Clinton City Egg Hunt. He was pretty upset because when the horn went off he was saying hi to a dog in the park. So he pretty much cried while I picked up eggs for him. He wasn't interested in AT ALL! He loves figures that Shannon and I would have a kid that is OBSESSED with dogs since we are not dog people. He seriously freaks out everytime he so much as hears one on TV. Soon to clip of him saying 'doggie' and 'woof, woof'

All in all we had a wonderful Easter. It was the first one in our almost six years of marriage not spent with either one of our it was a little weird. But at the same time fun to start our own traditions in our little family! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

ESPN here I come!

This first video is of Easton yelling at the players/refs (who really knows?) during March Madness. He gets a little bit crazy watching games. It's pretty entertaining. We often wonder where he got this behavior, his parents never do this :-)

Video of Easton saying 'doggie' (sounds like dada) and 'woof, woof' my brother and sis-in-law's house. They have a couple dogs and Easton was entertained all weekend. Here he is staring at them through the window. Excuse the cleaning of the ears, I had just done it and apparently he decided I didn't finish the job on my own....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Halle!

I'm always late about birthday posts, but better late than never right? Tuesday my little neice Halle turned 2 years old. We love her little personality so much. She is so good to both her sisters and is just a happy-go-lucky little girl. She is six months older than Easton so I hope one day these two will be best of friends! Right now Easton hits her anytime she comes sorry Halle! We love you and hope you had a great party!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

HAWAII trip!!!

Last month (yes, I'm a horrible blogger) we got to go to Hawaii, the island of O'ahu with my family. It was the most amazing trip ever! We loved everything about it, if it wasn't so expensive to live there I think we would move there and become beach bums! Here is what we did...
SUNDAY- flew in
we visited the Dole Plantation did the garden tour, rode the pineapple express, and ate pineapple ice cream and chocolate-covered pineapple
we went to Waimea Bay and boogie boarded and ate lunch at a shrimp shack and then spent the whole day at the Polynesian Cultural Center where we got to watch a canoe show, learned to hula, watched them play with fire, ate at a luau, and attended the most amazing night show performance ever!
I went golfing at Turtle Bay (our resort we stayed at) with the boys, that afternoon we just hung out on the beach!
We went shopping at the Ala Moana Shopping Center in downtown Honolulu, spent some time in Waikiki on the beach, then shopped a little more & ate dinner at Benihana
I did shark encounters with the boys. There were a ton of waves and we all got extremely seasick, almost everyone (including me) threw up overboard. By the time we got in the water it was hard to enjoy the sharks because we were so sick, I spent the rest of the day in bed! Shannon got to go do surfing lessons in the afternoon which he really enjoyed!
last day in Hawaii, in the morning we went to a swap meet in Honolulu and got lots of good souvenirs...that afternoon we toured the U.S.S. Missouri at Pearl Harbor..that night we took the red-eye flight home and arrived in Utah at 2:30 a.m. Hawaii time. It took us a while to recover!
That was our trip! We loved Hawaii and hope to go back again one day! However, it was super hard for us to be away from Easton for 7 days...I was shocked when I walked into our bedroom Sunday morning before we left and saw Shannon breaking down crying, he is such a good dad (he would probably be mad if he knew I wrote that, good thing he never checks our blog)! I thought I was freaking out way more than him! Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Lucas for watching our little guy for a week...and a big MAHALO to my parents for taking us!