Saturday, April 2, 2011

54...her last birthday

A few weeks before my mom passed away she turned 54. At the time she had gotten the diagnosis that she had about a month to a few months left to live so we knew it would be her last birthday. Little did we know at the time it would be a much shorter time frame. Which makes me even so much more grateful that we got to throw this huge celebration for her, at the time life was kind of busy with a new baby and I had contemplated not making the trip. Can't imagine not being there! It was a wonderful day filled with lots of cooking, crying, and reminiscing about all the wonderful memories we've had together as a family. People stopped by all throughout the day dropping off gifts for her as she thanked them and made little jokes about wishing she could use it longer. This is a day I will forever have in my memory and be grateful for. It was the last time I came down before she was in her last days and didn't have the energy to talk much. Some family dropped by for dinner and we made a huge feast and her favorite chocolate wafer dessert for her cake.

Easton with my Grandpa Wahlen...who passed away this summer.

cousin's wife Cortney Markham holding Cohen and my sister Angie

cousin Brian, Uncle Dave, Aunt Colette

Grandpa, Mom, Brian, Hailey

Uncle Marc & Easton


reading her cards

her cake, my neice McKinley & Mom

neice Halle

my parents

Mom opening her presents


aunt Whit & Easton

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Halloween and October happenings...

October was a busy, busy month for us with Easton's birthday and Cohen's blessing. Somewhere in there we managed to fit in halloween and a few other activities.

We went on our annual halloween hay ride to a local pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins. Easton with his pumpkin

Easton was the pumpkin patch
We had a little family night out in Salt Lake City our first stop was at Buca Di Beppo...fine Italian family eating at it's best...Easton loving his mac n'cheese. (and yes, whenever he poses for pics he thinks it necessary to do crazy things with his hands?? don't know why)
The biggest dessert ever...and our fat selves finished the whole thing off!
The reason for our outing was to go watch my cousin Mitch. He plays hockey for the Utes. I know...only time I would ever be caught DEAD cheering for them. I must really love him (haha) It was such a fun night and he did awesome! Easton enjoyed himself too!
my cousin
me and the chubs
brothers in their first matching outfits
Shannon carving pumpkins with Easty. Scary one for Easton, cute nice one for baby Cohen, and a the annual Y (byu) for Shannon and I

my always content baby...he is seriously the best! love this liitle chub...
Per his request... Easton as Buzz Lightyear (thanks to my friend Emily Price for lending out this costume, was dreading dropping $50 on a nice disney store costume and she had one just easton's size)...he loved it so much he screamed bloody murder when we pryed it off him!at the ward trunk or treat

Buzz Lightyear and Superman
Cohen was the cutest superhero...
Halloween was so much fun this year, Easton LOVED it. He still is talking about halloween months later and has already planned what he is going to be next year. So fun having him at an age where he is interested, I love it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cohen's blessing

We blessed Cohen on Sunday, October 10th. Shannon gave the most wonderful blessing. So grateful for our little 'coco bean'. He is about the chunkiest baby ever, but the best baby takes alot for him to cry. We could not feel more blessed to have him as part of our family. Sure love our little guy! It was a great day with lots of family and food. We almost contemplated doing the blessing in Idaho because of my mom's condition. This was only about six weeks before my mom passed away, and from what I'm told one of the last days she was feeling ok. What a blessing it was to have her there, something I'll never forget.

Our family of four
Cohen and Aunt Hailey I love this little tux, my Aunt Colette made it when Easton was born...I just think it's the cutest!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Easton's birthday

Easton turned the big THREE on October 2nd and he got several fun little outings to celebrate. It makes me sad to think how big he is getting, two months after he potty trained and after a major rough start is now a pro. He is getting so independent! Even though he can be MAJOR dramatic at times...we sure love him and his funny little voice and mannerisms. We love you Easty Beasties!

at TGIFridays for dinner with the fam
getting sung to...and really happy about it (haha)
at the nickel arcade after dinner

We celebrated a little more the week after when our families came into town for Cohen's blessing. My sister Angie and her cute family came a little early and we went to Salt Lake to go to Discovery Gateway Children's museum with them.
Halle and Easton. She sure loves him even though he is not so nice to her all the time!

My sis Angie and Cohen
The next day my whole family, shannon's parents, and my cousin Katie and fam came up and we all went to Chuck E. Cheese's to have a little party for Easton (I will never do that again, paid twice the amount for crappy pizza) but it was fun to have everyone there! Here are a few
pictures from his party...