Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easton's 2nd birthday party!!!!

My little boy is 2! Easton turned 2 on October 2nd! Yes, I am a horrible blogger and am over two weeks late on blogging about my own child's's the cake I made for him. not great, but I refuse to pay lots of money to a store for flour, sugar, and some frosting...
Easton before his birthday. He had gotten into his present on the table, so he was scolded and had to put it back. He was TICKED if you can't tell, he didn't want to wait a second more for his presents...this is his 'i hate you mom' face..
we had some of our friends over for cake, ice cream, and present opening. we started with presents...
easton getting a little help from his friend aleksa
he got lots of clothes...boring...
but was very excited when he was done opening clothes and got to the good stuff...
he is OBSESSED with cars, so he was happy to get some...
so excited about his toys, that he didn't want anything to do with his cake...I know, I can't believe it either! What a difference a year makes..last year he was all about the cake and not so much the presents. This year all about the presents not so much the cake! We even had a little party for him in Idaho with my family but the camera died, so there will have to be an additional post on that...

Words can't even express how much we love our little man! He means everything to us! We love you so much BEASTY and the constant entertainment you provide us! Please don't grow up anymore though..I can't handle it!

pumpkin patch

Last month we had the opportunity to go to Black Island Farms Harvest Festival with our friends the Nelsons and Petersons and watched pig races, rode slides, and went on a hay ride where we got to pick out our Halloween pumpkins! This is Easton and Shannon waiting for the pig races. doesn't easton look thrilled to be there?
pig races...we each picked a color of a pig we thought would win.
Easton even got some action from Bella out of the night
Easty & I on the slide..he was too much of a wimp to do it on his own
Daddy & Easty on the slide
Nelson family on the hay ride
our fam on the hay ride, at the end of the hay ride we got to pick out some huge pumpkins!
Another family picture. despite the look easton did have lots of fun. he just refuses to smile for pictures anymore....Thanks Nelsons and Petersons we had a great time!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

our weekend getaways...

We started off the weekend by watching my little sis Whitney cheer at the homecoming game, she is the flyer in this stunt..isn't she cute? she is growing up way too fast, easton calls her his 'aunt whit-wee'
we stayed at my sister Angie's in Blackfoot because my parents were getting new tile installed, this is late one night after going out to eat. halle, easton, and mckinley. mckin jumped on the roof of the car and yelled 'i'm the prom queen'. it was hilarious! she is definitely her mother's daughter!
the next morning we attended the Idaho State Fair parade in Blackfoot. Easton had lots of fun collecting candy...
Easty, me, Hailey, and whitney at the parade
I had to take a pic of this float, because...seriously? Christ's Cowboy Country Church?
Hailey, Easty, and Halle
After the parade my sis hired a babysitter and all the girls went to IF to enjoy food, shopping, and pedicures. It was wonderful, I enjoyed spending some quality girl time with the women I love most....
Mom and Hailey at five guys
all the sisters at Five Guys
sisters getting pedicures
Mom and the sisters-whitney. whitney wasn't in the pic because she was getting a manicure. she has a weird thing about people touching her feet.
We finished off the weekend by getting some Cafe Rio to go and watching the BYU vs. Oklahoma game. I had such a fun time with my mom and sisters. Love you all!

So the reason for the girls outing was because all the boys got to go to Dallas for the game. I was SUPER jealous! Especially since BYU won the game!
cousin Troy, Shannon, Dad, Garrett, Chan and Marc (bro-in-laws)
The whole gang! they golfed 27 holes in Texas heat. Chan, Troy (cousin), Dad, Blair Dance (dad's old college roomie), Shannon, Ryan (cousin), Marc, and Garrett.
brother Garrett in front of the stadium
Go Cougars!

Thanks for both trips Mom and Dad! We both had a blast!