Wednesday, June 3, 2009

don't take my balloon from me...

Lastnight at our ward's enrichment they had some leftover balloons, so I took some home with me because I knew Easton would love them. However, I probably never anticipated how MUCH he would love them. Since I have gotten home lastnight he has not removed the strings from his chubby little hands. He fell asleep with them (wanted to get a pic, but didn't want to wake him) woke up with them, and even ate his breakfast with them. Right now he is watching Yo Gabba Gabba with them..he also keeps playing with other toys with one hand while faithfully holding on to the balloon strings in the other hand. What a funny boy! Cheapest entertainment ever!

easty & kiersty

this is easton and our next door neighbor Kiersty. We are sad because Kiersty will be moving away next month. She is such a good little babysitter to Easton, along with our other neighbor Lauren. We are so lucky to have cute girls just the right age for babysitting that live close! Easton feels so comfortable with her, he just walks right into her house and goes to jump on the tramp with her almost daily!

memorial day

So every single year for as long as I can remember (or since I was in high school) we always go and visit my grandmother's grave in Aberdeen and do a little bbq with my family. This year was the first that we didn't attend. Living in Utah we have had to adjust to not being there for every little family thing. So this memorial day since we didn't have family to party with and all our friends were hanging with their families, we did what anyone would do and spent the day cleaning our garage. Easton was a big help as you can see....he got on his big boy gloves and thought he was being extremely helpful.

he also had lots of fun running through the sprinkler, he kept running through and saying 'oooh' really loud