Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big news...

After months of trying with no success and realizing we would have to again go the fertility drug route I am happy to announce we are expecting baby #2!! And it only took 2 rounds, YAY! I am due late August, luckily only having one. I am 17 1/2 weeks along and we just found out this last Tuesday we are having another baby boy! I'll definitely be outnumbered! I am so excited for Easton to have a little brother, I think they will be the best of friends (well, atleast when they are older). Many people ask if Easton is excited...I think he is trying to block it out. When we ask he either ignores us or just says 'no'. Six months ago he was obsessed with babies and would ask for a 'brudder or sister', now he is out of that phase and apparently wants to be on his own. When the doctor told him he was having a baby brother in his cranky voice he yelled back 'no', she then said it would be fun to which he again repeated 'no'. I think he will come around once he gets here (crossing my fingers anyways) We can't wait for baby boy #2!

family pictures

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blast from the past....

With my old computer it was such a pain to post videos, it always gave me errors, it was just a nightmare overall. But, for Christmas we got a new computer! So now I can share videos alot easier! Here are a few hilarious videos from Easton last year.....

This video is from last year during the NBA finals or March Madness (can't quite remember). Easton gets quite crazy while watching games, I can't imagine if this is him at 18 months what he'll be like when he gets older...I don't know where he gets it from :-)

This video is from last summer at Aberdeen Daze. Every year at Aberdeen Daze they hire some old band (or guy in this case) to come perform during the free breakfast. I was off talking to a friend while my mom was taking Easton around to some different toys in the park. She said on the way back he let go of her hand, got on stage and started dancing. She came and grabbed me instantly to start videoing. Let's just say provided entertainment for a while. The voices you'll hear in the video are mine and the old ladies next to me who got a kick out of it. Enjoy :-)