Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wig shopping....

Last month was a rough one. My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. It is stage 4 because it has already spread to her liver and spine. When we went online the rate of survival said only 40% last five years plus. My parents came down to Huntsman Cancer Institute to get a second opinion. They let me tag along and my mother and I got to do some wig shopping after, and as her hairdresser I was more than happy to give my opinion!

Looking fabulous in a wig! We also bought some really cute bandanas and headwear. My mother is so amazing. She is always so positive about everything. Even cancer. through chemo, through the pain, through losing her hair. she always has a smile on her face. I'm trying my best to be more like her every day! We were happy to get some good news at Huntsman. thanks to many fasting & prayers the results from the first chemo showed it was working and shrinking the tumors. Now we just pray the hormone therapy will work after the chemo is done and she could be looking at a much longer life! She is in for the fight of her life, but I know if anyone can do it she can! Which is wonderful, because I can't imagine life without this amazing woman! Love you Mom!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lucas family reunion

A couple weekends ago we had a Lucas family reunion. We went to Lagoon, ate like crazy, and had fun visiting with family!
Easty & I on the carousel
Easton and cousin ben on the boat ride, screamed bloody murder when we took him off!
captain of the ship
easton and uncle steve were instant friends
Ava, Jen, and I enjoying the lazy river
I was trying to get a tan...they obviously weren't
the girls
the boys

my two cute sis-in-laws. shelly and jen.
after our long day easton just went right up and snuggled with his cousin Grayson. TOO CUTE!

4th of july

For fourth of July we made our way to West Jordan and got to hang with the Baker/Anderson crew for a bbq and small fireworks show! They are a blast to be with! We love you guys, thanks for inviting us!
helping the kids with their sparklers. Easton got so excited when it was lit that he reached around and grabbed it (ouch!) he was quite traumatized after, but he loved fireworks! Shannon and baby Jack
cousin Mitch and cute baby Jolie (shocking we are related huh? I wish I tanned like them....)
Peyton and Taylor were SO excited for the firework show....
TJ and Marcus
kids enjoying the smoke bombs earlier in the night

Wahlen reunion/Kelsey's wedding

So I am finally catching up on my blogging from clear back in June! (whoops)
End of June we had a blast getting together with all the Wahlen, Baker, and Markham cousins together in good ol' Aberdeen. First, we attended the wedding of these two. My cousin Kelsey Wahlen and Bronson Funk...and since I've been her hairdresser for years I was lucky enough to get to do her hair...she is a beautiful girl and I am so happy for them! Friday we enjoyed some boating, Saturday we attended Aberdeen Daze festivities and Kelsey's reception and Sunday we congregated at Grandpa Wahlen's for lots of good cookin!

with my cousin Brian
the women preparing the meal at my grandpa's house
the kids playing at grandpa's (ahh..memories)
barbeque friday night at uncle dave & aunt collette's
easton would not get out of this truck all night, uncle garrett decided to take a break and hang out with easty
the fam at Aberdeen Daze parade
Angie, Halle, and Hailey waiting for the parade.
OK, so funny story. All those who have ever spent time with Easton know he is 'obsessed' with dancing. Well every year at Aberdeen Daze they have a guy sing to entertain those who are waiting in line for the free breakfast. Easton was heading back from the toys when he heard the music stepped out on the cement slab and started dancing. He was entertaining everyone in line for 15-20 minutes. It was hilarious! He even got his picture in the Aberdeen Times. (still trying to post the video, stay tuned!)
We love all our cousins, aunts, uncles, and kids on the Wahlen side!
We had such a fun time with them! Till next year.....