Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easter Sunday

Like every other blog post this is long overdo but on Easter Sunday we drove up after conference to visit the family, we got the chance to see my little sis Whitney for the first time since her snowmobiling accident in Island Park. She was life flighted to EIRMC in Idaho Falls. She broke her left wrist, broke her left femur, tore her left ACL, broke her left ankle, sprained her right ankle and wrist, and lacerated her spleen. She was in the hospital for a week, and has been bed-bound and out of school for two months and just went back for the last part! We are so glad she is safe! Love you Whit! I didn't get many pics so this is all about her...
The grandkids have sure enjoyed her's Easton with his cousins on Whitney's wheelchair. I think he asked for a ride a couple times a day when we were there.

The injured woman doing her homework.

Cute little video of Easton on Easter morning playing with his bubble machine from the easter bunny...this kid LOVES bubbles!


  1. The video is super cute! Congrats on the baby boy! How fun we are going to have babies close!

  2. Cute video! Bubbles are so fun, and the bubble shooter is pretty much the best invention ever for little kids. Wow, your sister is one hard core snowmobiler I'm glad she's okay!

  3. I didn't sprain my left wrist..and they say I sprained my right ankle but never felt pain in it at all! Love ya Jill, can't wait to see ya tomorrow :)