Thursday, July 22, 2010

cousin Halle came to play....

Last month we were lucky enough to have this cute girl come stay with us for a couple days! Miss Halle (my sister Angie's daughter) came and played with us and we had such a blast with her, she is a funny girl...and she sure loves her Easty Beasty! She is just six months older than Easton and he doesn't get much time to play with cousins so he was in heaven! We went to the zoo, Toy Story 3, and played in the backyard pool. She was an angel the whole time! When she got home they asked if she had fun and she said 'ya, but sometimes easton was kinda wude (rude)' haha. It was definitely a reminder of how different girls and boys are. She is quite the talker! We hope to have her come again sometime, we love you Hal Pal!

they loved the giraffe!

on the train