Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cohen's first week

So I have SO many things to post about...but adjusting to the whole 2 kid thing has been a little rough on me, not to mention Easton lost my camera cord somewhere so a new one is being shipped in the mail right now. So here is the start to many posts!
A couple days after delivery we got a few visitors
Aunt Shelly came delivering gifts and goodies...
My cousin Katie, husband TJ, and kids Taylor, Peyton and Jack came to visit too.
Taylor and Cohen
Peyton and Cohen
Katie, TJ, and Cohen
Four days after having Cohen I drove to Idaho to visit my family. My mom is going through rough chemo treatments and since she wasn't feeling well enough to come to Cohen I brough Cohen to her. Everyone thought I was pretty crazy to make that trip 4 days after giving birth but it was actually the easiest trip I've made so far, both kids slept almost the whole time!
sis Angie, Halle, and Cohen
Coco bean-one week old
my neice Quincy's birthday party- her and Cohen born on the same exact day..Craziness!

McKinley and Cohen
Me and my boys...

Uncle Tanner and Cohen
Aunt Whit-wee and Cohen
Cohen and his nana
Everyone was loving on him before we went home..
Aunt Hailey and Cohen
Easton LOVES his little brother
after bath...
cute boys in their jammies..
Papi and Aunt Whit-wee stopped by before going to the BYU game

had to do a little photo shoot of my boys after our first week of church...
matching outfits and everything!!