Monday, November 15, 2010

Wake me up when September ends..

In September we had a fun visit to Idaho for a week while Shannon was in Chicago on business. Cohen was just a couple weeks old and already being missed by the fam. My little sis Whitney was nominated for sophomore homecoming queen so we got to see her in the parade and the assembly and I got to help with her hair. I also got a chance to meet up with my gorgeous friend Stef Collins who traveled out from Iowa and who I haven't seen since Easton and her little girl Maggie were just newborns! It was SO great to see her!

Me with all the kids (she's a much better at taking pics than me)

Her two precious girls Marlee and Maggie with my boys...Maggie and Easton were only born a month apart? Aren't they precious? I just loved them, such dolls.
I didn't love taking pics with her, seriously not fair that a woman can be that skinny after having two kids...for real! Makes my excuses of 'I just had a baby' seem pretty lame!

loved snuggling on cohen

Can't wait to see you again soon Stef! Love ya!

Uncle Tanner holding Cohen

Mom, Whitney, Hailey, and I after her assembly. I look horrible, but I was the one responsible for her hair, getting myself and two kids ready after still being up every two hours, and getting to the highschool by 8 am. I barely made it in time. A rough morning for sure! Glad before mom passed that she was able to be a part of this, and grateful she was having a 'rare' good week and was feeling well enough to come.

What a beautiful little sis I have!!

Did this beautiful girl's hair for homecoming...

Cohen at almost 4 weeks old! He grew SOOOO fast.Best baby ever, for real! This kid has to be really hungry or sleepy to even him so much!

Isn't he a doll?

Easton is super into doing things with his daddy. Wanted to help in putting in solar lights in our front yard.

all dressed for church!

Our fat baby...only a month!