Wednesday, May 13, 2009

easton update

I kind of meant to do this little update post when Easton turned 18 months old, which was a little over a month ago..but better late than never seems to be my motto in life and in blogging! Anyways, when I took Easton in for his 18-month dr. appt. he was 85% in height. 60% weight (lowest he's ever been for weight and height) but it was funny when the doctor was giving his head % he said 'well, as always his head is ginormous and off the charts' (haha) So maybe one day the rest of his body will catch up to his big ol' head. We just think he must have really big brains in there!
He's doing lots of funny things lately and talking more and more everday. Last week, I was sitting with Shannon and he said to Easton 'my mom' and Easton goes' uh. no. my mom.' I think that was my mothers day present from him!
Just a couple days ago, Easton started calling me honey. It is rare he calls me mom anymore, now it is mostly just 'honey'.
Whenever he wants more juice or milk he hands me his sippy says more and then starts jogging his chubby little body to the fridge.
He is obsessed with bellies. Daily he lifts up my shirt and says 'mom, belly' hopefully he doesn't ever do it in public, that would not be pretty!
He loves playing with cars lately and scoots around on the floor driving his car saying 'vroom, vroom'...
Some of you may also have wondered about his naturally rosy red cheeks. Easton has a case of Eczema that will be on and off the rest of his life. There are some lotions that make it better but it never fully goes away! He is our little mini Santa minus the white hair! He has it on his cheeks, arms, and legs. Everyone always makes comments about his beautiful blue and eyes and cute red rosy cheeks! We love it, can't complain and feel really fortunate that it isn't something more serious and that he is in really good health!
We love him SO much, I can't believe my baby is almost TWO! here are some pics of our little man!
here he is with Grandpa Wahlen on his farm
he loves his monkey backpack and jamba juice, he's in heaven right here!
at the park on the swing, loves his sunglasses!
enjoying a cookie, my bribe to try and get him to look at the camera...believe me it's like pulling teeth to get him to look and smile!
A little family pic at our nephew's baptism. Easton was super ready for a nap!
This is a video of him 'jumping' or what he thinks is him jumping.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Angie!

Yesterday was my older & wiser sister Angie's birthday! She turned 28. Angie is totally the life of the party, and gets upset if there is ever a party she can't attend! She is easy to talk to, always fun to be around, and really cares for all her siblings. She is very generous...will do anything for her family! She let Easton and I stay at her house for a couple days last month while I was doing hair and took care of Easton for me and never asks anything in return! I only wish I lived closer to her! She is a wonderful mom to three of the cutest girls who are wonderful cousins to Easton! We love you Ang and hope you had a great day!

Grandpa Kimball's Funeral

On April 15th my Grandpa Kimball (mom's dad) passed away after battling lymphoma cancer. He was a great man. I always admired his honesty, hard work ethic, and generosity just to name a few. It was sad to see him go but I can only imagine the sweet reunion that took place between him and my grandma. He couldn't wait to be with her again and always seemed empty without her around. We traveled to Northern California where he lived most of his life for the funeral, after it was all over it was pretty hard to leave since I had so many childhood memories there and will probably not have a reason to go back anytime soon.
Wasn't he handsome?
at the funeral. He was a World War II vet, and had a military burial.
My parents and siblings (minus Elder Wahlen) at the burial.
We love you Grandpa, you will be missed!