Monday, January 24, 2011

Easton's birthday

Easton turned the big THREE on October 2nd and he got several fun little outings to celebrate. It makes me sad to think how big he is getting, two months after he potty trained and after a major rough start is now a pro. He is getting so independent! Even though he can be MAJOR dramatic at times...we sure love him and his funny little voice and mannerisms. We love you Easty Beasties!

at TGIFridays for dinner with the fam
getting sung to...and really happy about it (haha)
at the nickel arcade after dinner

We celebrated a little more the week after when our families came into town for Cohen's blessing. My sister Angie and her cute family came a little early and we went to Salt Lake to go to Discovery Gateway Children's museum with them.
Halle and Easton. She sure loves him even though he is not so nice to her all the time!

My sis Angie and Cohen
The next day my whole family, shannon's parents, and my cousin Katie and fam came up and we all went to Chuck E. Cheese's to have a little party for Easton (I will never do that again, paid twice the amount for crappy pizza) but it was fun to have everyone there! Here are a few
pictures from his party...