Monday, August 30, 2010

Cohen Kimball Lucas

Cohen Kimball Lucas
weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. length 21 1/2 inches
born August 20, 2010 at 2:02 p.m.

right after delivery

with Grandma Lucas

this is the closest Easton would come the first day...seriously wanted NOTHING to do with him or me for that matter!

second day of hospital...warmed up a little. still holding him down in this pic.

me and the two cutest boys!
whole family and the three CUTEST boys! definitely outnumbered now!
drugs + no sleep = me looking a little crazy!
going home...

at me the finger already! he did not like those pics!

LABOR STORY: All of us (especially me) were anxiously awaiting August 19th because that's the day I was supposed to go in to be induced at 7 a.m. We get a call at 6 a.m. saying it was a no go because they had a couple of girls come in during the middle of the night in active labor. We called back around noon after still no phone call and they said for sure that night. When we called back that night they said a couple more girls went into active labor and that they could possibly induce me on Saturday! That's when I probably threw the most MAJOR adult fit ever, I wasn't sleeping at ALL at night and I was super cranky and ready to meet my little guy! The doctor called me back and promised me she would get me in by the morning. They had me call in at 4:30 a.m.- still a no, then at 5:30-still a no. After this I was convinced it was never gonna happen! I finally got a call about 7 a.m. saying they were ready for me! I came in, got started on pitocin, got the best epidural ever, went from a 4 to a 10 in a little over and hour, pushed about 6 times and he was out! Seriously twenty times better the second time around!!

So far he is the most content baby ever, a great sleeper, and a major eater! He has alot more hair than Easton had and way darker. We just couldn't be more in love with him! I seriously cry every day he gets bigger (the hormones make me a little crazy!) Easton is adjusting well now. He likes to give him hugs and kisses and say ' brudder. he's SOO cute!!' I couldn't be more thrilled and feel blessed to be the mom of two adorable little boys! So glad also to have such a wonderful husband who is a major helper around the house and with the boys!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the circus....

So here I am at 38 weeks pregnant...I know could my belly get any bigger? I seriously think I could be a circus sideshow. Months ago people were asking me if I could go anyday now. This is why I don't post pictures of my belly...but I resorted to taking a picture so that one day my kids could see what I put my body through to get them here...
Luckily, I will be induced on Thursday if he doesn't come by then! We can't wait for Cohen to join our family!

Our summer so far...

Here are some pictures from our summer so far. Kinda weak I have to admit! I was horrible at remembering to bring my camera with me or get it out and actually take pictures...hopefully a new baby will cure my laziness about that! Also, our summer was rather un-eventful. I didn't want to do too much being all big and preggers so we kept it rather low-key. Alot of time spent at the local aquatic center with some friends, a little bit of the zoo, but mostly just spent some time with family!
Here are some pics from a weekend in Aberdeen, we went up and I did some hair. Also, my cousin came into town from California with his cute wife and kids.

Easton and Devin ridin the RZR
jumping on the tramp with cousins Devin and Emily
my cousin Troy and Easton on the RZR...he would ride this all day and night if someone was willing to drive him...he nonstop bugs my dad about it all day when we are there!
my birthday at Benihana..Easton's favorite part was wearing the chef hat!

Lucas family reunion at Murray park...the whole gang
LOVE my cute boys!
Uncle Steve, cousin Kenny, and Easton
Easton at the Clark Planetarium...he loved this place!
at dinner with the cousins and Uncle Steve's Iphone...he was spoiled for a night by all the cool games..