Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easter Sunday

Like every other blog post this is long overdo but on Easter Sunday we drove up after conference to visit the family, we got the chance to see my little sis Whitney for the first time since her snowmobiling accident in Island Park. She was life flighted to EIRMC in Idaho Falls. She broke her left wrist, broke her left femur, tore her left ACL, broke her left ankle, sprained her right ankle and wrist, and lacerated her spleen. She was in the hospital for a week, and has been bed-bound and out of school for two months and just went back for the last part! We are so glad she is safe! Love you Whit! I didn't get many pics so this is all about her...
The grandkids have sure enjoyed her's Easton with his cousins on Whitney's wheelchair. I think he asked for a ride a couple times a day when we were there.

The injured woman doing her homework.

Cute little video of Easton on Easter morning playing with his bubble machine from the easter bunny...this kid LOVES bubbles!

ZOO time!

Easton is definitely a lover of all animals (yes, my child I know) so we decided it would be wise to invest in a zoo membership. A couple saturdays ago they sent me home from work because I wasn't needed, so I decided we needed to go have a fun family day outing! We then followed it up with lunch at our fav place..Rodizio Grill. Wonderful day with my favorite guys in the whole world!

I have the biggest pansy for a child. he's scared of the carousel even though I was standing there holding him the whole time!
pointing out the iguanas to me..

I love my boys!!

Salt Lake City 5k/Huntsman Heroes

In April we had the opportunity to raise some money for the Hunstman Heroes Foundation for cancer research, something pretty close to our hearts since my mom was diagnosed. Originally, I had wanted to run the half marathon..but once I became preggers I decided I better stick with the 5k. I am so grateful for all those who donated to the cause and all the family who participated! Grateful for my amazing husband who slowly walked it with me even though I know he was dying to run it! I had four amazing aunts, three of which traveled from California to run the race. Our team earned a grand total of close to $2500! YAY! (can't quite remember the grand total) Thanks to the in-laws too for taking Easton for us! We hope to make this a yearly tradition...and I hope to never have to do it pregnant again. I did a 5k in 1 hour, my little brother did 13 miles in only an hour an a half after me! I was a little slow. However, he told me I can cut my time in half since I was carrying another person...

Here we all are at Olive Garden the night before...
me, easton, Tanner, & Aunt Sue
whitney and mom
Aunt Wendy, Kenzie, Whitney
my wonderful mother
easton decided that night he enjoyed sucking on lemons, who knew?
all the runners after the race. Hailey, Tanner, Joni, Misty, Abby, Shannon, me, Angie, & Darien
We ran for Huntsman and Misty, Abby, and Joni (my second cousins) ran for Alpha I (liver, lung disease) which both of Misty's kids have.
A little out of order, Hires after with all the fam
my mom with her sister Deb who came in from Cali and did the 5k with us

Shannon, me, Ang, Tanner, Hailey, my aunt Deb
All the siblings with my Mom, except Garrett. Hailey, Shannon, and I ran the 5k. Angie and Tanner ran the half marathon.
Shannon and I (big prego woman) with my mom...sure love that woman! Hope you are here for many more years to come mom!
The half marathoners..
Aunt Jan, Aunt Sue, Angie, Aunt Wendy, Tanner