Sunday, October 18, 2009

pumpkin patch

Last month we had the opportunity to go to Black Island Farms Harvest Festival with our friends the Nelsons and Petersons and watched pig races, rode slides, and went on a hay ride where we got to pick out our Halloween pumpkins! This is Easton and Shannon waiting for the pig races. doesn't easton look thrilled to be there?
pig races...we each picked a color of a pig we thought would win.
Easton even got some action from Bella out of the night
Easty & I on the slide..he was too much of a wimp to do it on his own
Daddy & Easty on the slide
Nelson family on the hay ride
our fam on the hay ride, at the end of the hay ride we got to pick out some huge pumpkins!
Another family picture. despite the look easton did have lots of fun. he just refuses to smile for pictures anymore....Thanks Nelsons and Petersons we had a great time!

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