Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lucas family reunion

A couple weekends ago we had a Lucas family reunion. We went to Lagoon, ate like crazy, and had fun visiting with family!
Easty & I on the carousel
Easton and cousin ben on the boat ride, screamed bloody murder when we took him off!
captain of the ship
easton and uncle steve were instant friends
Ava, Jen, and I enjoying the lazy river
I was trying to get a tan...they obviously weren't
the girls
the boys

my two cute sis-in-laws. shelly and jen.
after our long day easton just went right up and snuggled with his cousin Grayson. TOO CUTE!


  1. How fun! You look awesome Jill! Easton is such a cute little guy! He seems to love everyone! Glad you all had a great time...I love Lagoon!

  2. JILLBER!!! It's been so long, I thought for sure you'd forgotten how to blog. You look SO GOOD in all these pics! I miss you terribly. Sad we don't live close to each other anymore. Easty is getting so big. I just love that little man! Some day we're gonna meet up again. Can you believe I've got 2 kiddos now?!?!

  3. Now that's the way to spend summer! I love when you post pictures, miss seeing you guys! Easton is really growing, what a cute little boy. :D