Saturday, April 2, 2011

54...her last birthday

A few weeks before my mom passed away she turned 54. At the time she had gotten the diagnosis that she had about a month to a few months left to live so we knew it would be her last birthday. Little did we know at the time it would be a much shorter time frame. Which makes me even so much more grateful that we got to throw this huge celebration for her, at the time life was kind of busy with a new baby and I had contemplated not making the trip. Can't imagine not being there! It was a wonderful day filled with lots of cooking, crying, and reminiscing about all the wonderful memories we've had together as a family. People stopped by all throughout the day dropping off gifts for her as she thanked them and made little jokes about wishing she could use it longer. This is a day I will forever have in my memory and be grateful for. It was the last time I came down before she was in her last days and didn't have the energy to talk much. Some family dropped by for dinner and we made a huge feast and her favorite chocolate wafer dessert for her cake.

Easton with my Grandpa Wahlen...who passed away this summer.

cousin's wife Cortney Markham holding Cohen and my sister Angie

cousin Brian, Uncle Dave, Aunt Colette

Grandpa, Mom, Brian, Hailey

Uncle Marc & Easton


reading her cards

her cake, my neice McKinley & Mom

neice Halle

my parents

Mom opening her presents


aunt Whit & Easton


  1. Spud, I'm so sorry to hear your mom passed away. If there's anything I can do for you let me know!
    I love you friend! I miss hanging with you