Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our summer so far...

Here are some pictures from our summer so far. Kinda weak I have to admit! I was horrible at remembering to bring my camera with me or get it out and actually take pictures...hopefully a new baby will cure my laziness about that! Also, our summer was rather un-eventful. I didn't want to do too much being all big and preggers so we kept it rather low-key. Alot of time spent at the local aquatic center with some friends, a little bit of the zoo, but mostly just spent some time with family!
Here are some pics from a weekend in Aberdeen, we went up and I did some hair. Also, my cousin came into town from California with his cute wife and kids.

Easton and Devin ridin the RZR
jumping on the tramp with cousins Devin and Emily
my cousin Troy and Easton on the RZR...he would ride this all day and night if someone was willing to drive him...he nonstop bugs my dad about it all day when we are there!
my birthday at Benihana..Easton's favorite part was wearing the chef hat!

Lucas family reunion at Murray park...the whole gang
LOVE my cute boys!
Uncle Steve, cousin Kenny, and Easton
Easton at the Clark Planetarium...he loved this place!
at dinner with the cousins and Uncle Steve's Iphone...he was spoiled for a night by all the cool games..

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