Sunday, February 28, 2010

When one returns, one leaves...

So a little over three weeks ago this guy left to Tempe, Arizona on his mission. Easton and I got to travel to Provo to drop him off at the MTC, before that Shannon met us for lunch at Panda Express..Garrett's favorite place ever to eat. We already miss Garrett so much. When we go back to my parents house easton said 'we're gonna see nana, papi, whit-wee, and garwhet' I think he's still a little confused as to why he's not there? The hardest part was watching him say goodbye to my Mom, fear of the unknown with what will happen with her. He's already doing so great and we are so proud of him! Love you Garrett!
But before Garrett left...we got Tanner back! Tanner is such a stud and we are so happy to have him back! He came back so mature and nice, not that he wasn't before but the mission just does something to these boys! The other night when I got home from a long day of doing hair he brought me a brownie sundae with chocolate and caramel spread on it and grated up almond rocha on top! He will make some woman very happy one day! He's still a little gangsta from being in Detroit...
with my parents at the airport!
So glad you are back Tan!
I'm pretty sure I have the coolest little brothers...


  1. love you guys, love your fam. glad your bro is back safe, hope your mom is doing good. sorry I still haven't gotten around to calling ya, I will soon, I promise!

  2. ps. love the new family pics. I went to high school w/ sheena lindholm!